Going to the Bowl

Tariq Engineer

And then there were four. Four with one common goal. Four who feel that their time is now.The four have a combined 46 regular season wins, but they know that the regular season don’t mean squat. All it means is two of ’em get to play at home and two of them don’t.

All they care about is getting to the Bowl cause the Bowl is what it’s about.

They know everybody wants to go to the Bowl. They know only two will go, and they know only one will be left standing when the Bowl is done. Each one expects to be the one left standing.

In the AFC you have the Raiders and the Titans. Despite the presence, heart, and talent of QB Steve McNair, and the emergence of Carter and Kearse, it’s hard to see past the Raider Nation.

The Raiders have Rich Gannon. Rich is the league MVP. Rich completed 418 passes this season, more than anyone in history. Threw for 4,489 yards and runs the west coast offense like the thing of beauty it is. Did I mention Rich is the league MVP?

Oakland also has two ‘old’ guys by the names of Rice and Brown. They have 2,500 receptions between them. Rice has been there and done that but he’s still hungry, still looking for another ring.

Oh, and the Raiders can play defense too.

In the NFC, it’s the Buccaneers looking for redemption against the Eagles. Two years in succession the Bucs have ventured into the Vet, only to come up against the proverbial brick wall, failing even to score a touchdown in either game. This year, the Bucs are saying, third time’s the charm.

Now, the Bucs have Jon Gruden and their defense. The Bucs have Warren Sapp. The Bucs are playing for a chance to go to the Bowl, but they are playing a team that, even with its third-string QB, kept winning games.

First choice QB Donavan McNabb is back and looked as good as ever in the Eagles’ rout of the Jets. That’s the same Donovan Mcnabb that played on a broken ankle during the regular season and still won the game.

Look for McNabb to find a way to beat the Bucs’ defense and beat back the Bucs once more. The Eagles will be going to the Bowl.

And then there will be two. Two with one common goal. Two who feel their time is now.