LUCC Staff Editorial

This past week, the Lawrence University Community Council held their yearly elections for president and vice-president. We were pleased to see that three Lawrentians decided to throw their name into the ring after the slightly embarrassing episode last year when deadlines for voting were extended because of the lack of competition.
We were also pleased to see LUCC bring the election booth to Downer and other locations; we can only assume that this brought more publicity to the elections and increased voter turnout.
This seems to be part of a bigger effort to raise the level of awareness about LUCC goings-on among the student body. LUCC improved their visibility this year by submitting bi-weekly press releases to The Lawrentian and creating an environmental committee to go along with this year’s theme of sustainable living. In addition, the LUCC president James Duncan-Welke participated in the Matriculation Convocation, addressing students on the importance of “greening” up their lifestyles.
We at The Lawrentian appreciate these efforts and hope that they continue with the next LUCC administration. That being said, we do feel there is always room for improvement.
One move we would like to see LUCC make involves public forums. LUCC should take the initiative in organizing public forums between the administration and the student body. Last year’s public forums on the SigEp “P+H” party and campus vandalism, which turned into a discussion on security issues and the Hiett drug case, were met with an enthusiastic response.
As it stands now, students can call forums whenever they would like, but we think that as a large body that represents the student population, LUCC would be the ideal group to open up discourse between different members of the student body and the administration.
The new president will inherit an LUCC that has made many strides in the past year. We hope they continue in the same vein and wish them success.