LUCC Candidate statements

Kassandra Kuehl

Kassandra Kuehl

President: Haquebord, Howard
Jacques Haquebord

Hello, fellow Lawrentians; my name is Jacques. Over the years that I have been at Lawrence, I have been involved with multiple student groups. The one group that I felt I could make the largest impact on was LUCC.

Lawrence is a great institution, but as we all know, it isn’t perfect. As president I wish to continue to build on what our current president, Cole DeLaney, has done to improve Lawrence for us.

As president I am not going to push my own agenda, but rather, I will be the students’ voice to the administration and continue to make LUCC an efficient organization to improve student life.

I hope that you will approach me and keep me accountable regarding any problems that you may have with the Lawrence Community. Ultimately, however, I encourage you to vote for the candidate that will do the most for Lawrence and its students.

Jamie Howard

I am currently a junior Government major, a cross-country runner, outdoor sports enthusiast and the Trever Hall LUCC Rep. As an LUCC member I sit on two LUCC committees and believe that the council currently functions well.

As the council currently operates it can take a full month for your concerns to make it through the complete LUCC process. However, I believe the council is capable of working on a more efficient timeline.

To do this I first want to provide groups seeking LUCC services with a schedule of committee meetings so that they are able to go before committees simultaneously rather than wait a week for the next committee to meet.

I also want to increase the attendance of committee members so that time will not be lost due to lack of quorum.

As president I will use my experience and hard work to benefit you.

Vice President: Connors, Kuehl, Sexton

Ned Connors

Greetings, fellow Lawrentians. My name is Ned Connors and I hope to be your next LUCC Vice President.

I am a junior History major, but began my Lawrence career in the conservatory studying vocal performance.

During my time here, I have been many things: a singer, a football player, a student, and yes, a grumbler. Like so many other students, I believe that there are things that can and should be changed to make our campus a better place, and LUCC offers us a chance for progress.

I won’t waste your time sermonizing or making empty promises, but I am confident in making you a few assurances.

I’ll do my best to relay the sentiments of students to both the council and the administration and will be a staunch advocate in campus issues. As head of the finance committee, I’ll make sure that you have input in the allocation of your money.

Finally, I’ll bring to the council and the campus community a fresh perspective, the best of my creativity, and the energy that only an over-stimulated ADD kid can have.

Thanks, and I’ll see you at the polls.

Kassandra Kuehl

The position of LUCC Vice President is a position I would handle with enthusiasm, focus, organization, dedication and grace.

As the current president of VDay and chair of the Community Parenting Alliance, I have substantial experience in leading large and small groups of both students and adults.

As the current LUCC off-campus representative, I have a passion for the work that LUCC does, as evidenced by my work on the Student Welfare, Student Affairs, and Public Occasions committees (in the last of which I act as secretary.)

As a student who does not reside on campus, I have the unique advantage of impartiality. I am able to listen to the concerns and debates among students often without being directly involved, thus remaining relatively impartial and gaining the ability to best represent the student body.

Alexis Sexton

As a junior who has participated in many campus organizations as well as LUCC committees, I have a strong connection with the interests of the Lawrence University student body.

Based on this connection to and involvement in the Lawrence community, I would work to represent accurately the wishes and concerns of the students as well as improve communication between the council and the Lawrence community concerning relevant issues.

While the council has implemented effective communication methods as it stands, I would seek to increase student awareness of the issues brought before the council as well as improve communication between committees to promote more efficient actions.

Having served as Vice President of Public Relations in another campus organization, I am well-versed in methods of effective communication and representation, and I would bring motivation for success to the Vice President position to make my term in LUCC productive.

Ned Connors

Alexis Sexton

Jamie Howard

aJacques Haquebord