A letter from the editor

Ray Feller

Welcome back to more classes and something along the lines of winter weather.In some sense, there are going to be many changes to The Lawrentian this term. Last spring, the editorial board had a lot to worry about. Along with two graduates, there were five editors who decided to study abroad during first term. We had a lot of worries about how the fall term would work with so many people leaving.

It has been a little bit bad for our self-esteems, but it seems that we were expendable, as these new editors were able to put together a wonderful term for The Lawrentian.

This term, there will be many changes to the editorial board. I will do my best to resume my job as editor-in-chief. Jessie Augustyn returns as the managing editor. Lindsay Moore has returned to her job as Opinions/Editorials editor, a job she will share with Peter Gillette. Rachel Hoerman has come back, and will be taking over the Features editorship. Devin Burke has moved to layout editor.

I am enthusiastic about the talents of this term’s editorial board. As always, we also have openings for anyone interested in writing, copy editing, taking photographs, selling ads, or distributing papers. We also continue to accept editorials from any students, staff, or faculty who wish to make comments on any issues on campus or off.

We hope to make this a good term, and appreciate everyone’s help.