Dining for Dummies

Ceilidh Mar

Vande Walle’s Candies Inc.
400 Mall Dr.
For a lover of chocolate and sweets, this place is heaven. The smell when you walk in is an irresistible mix of cocoa and baked goods that carries you back to birthdays long gone. If you are after a large pile of handmade candies, delicious ice cream, or a dozen fresh cookies, look no further. The only cautionary remark I can make is that a quick trip in to Vande Walle’s often ends in several extra items you didn’t intend to buy but couldn’t resist.

Godiva Chocolatier
4301 W Wisconsin Ave.

Located in the depths of the Fox River Mall, Godiva Chocolates are quality! The chocolates are so rich and velvety. For an intimate dessert for two try the chocolate-covered strawberries. They’re hand dipped, gigantic, and delicious. But I warn you, Godiva essentially means expensive. Use them the next time you really want to impress someone.

Wilmar Chocolates
1222 N Superior Ave.

With all the charms of a small-town confections store, Wilmar Chocolates is a throwback to homemade treats. They feature handmade, fresh chocolates made with local ingredients when possible. Since all the products are made, cut, wrapped, and packed by hand, each candy has an individual look with special glyphs to identify which kind it is. Try the vanilla caramels!