Exhibit of bonsai to appear at Music-Drama Center

Janie Ondracek

The Fox Valley Bonsai Society will display an exhibit entitled “The Japanese Art of Bonsai” at its annual display on Sept. 30. From noon to 4:00 p.m., visitors can wander around the lobby of the Music-Drama Center and view the miniaturization of nature that is bonsai.
Bonsai (pronounced bone-sai) is an art form that originated in China and traveled to Japan at least 600 years ago. Since WWII, it has become a popular hobby in the United States.
Creating bonsai requires diligent maintenance, including devoted trimming, pruning, and care of the plant. Nearly any woody plant can be shaped to look like an ancient and interesting miniature tree.
When viewing bonsai, there are several aspects of the plant to consider. Consider the line of the tree, or where the eye travels over the plant. Observe the branches and the thickness of the roots. Consider the color and design of the pot. When all of this is combined perfectly, the art of bonsai can be amazing to behold.
To see some amazing bonsai, visit the Fox Valley Bonsai Society’s exhibit on Saturday from noon to 4:00 p.m. in the Music-Drama Center lobby.