STAFF EDITORIAL: Welcome, new students!

Staff Editorial

Welcome, new students! Now, if this isn’t the millionth time you’ve heard that in the past few days, you must have been hiding in your brand new dorm closet with your pole lamp and your poster of John Belushi in a “College” sweatshirt.You might be wondering, what you are being welcomed into? To start off, an experience that can shape the rest of your life…and a whole lot of hard work.

This special first week will give you some sense of what will come, even though you will never experience anything quite like it again.
The Lawrentian would like to welcome you to participate actively in your college experience. Look at the groups listed in this issue and consider which ones might enrich your Lawrence career.

So what does the Lawrentian’s welcome specifically mean? The Lawrentian is the voice of the community. We are here to inform and provide a forum for your opinions – and we welcome all opinions. We welcome you to actively participate in the paper, as well as in the community that shapes the news we print.

Although you may only be at Lawrence for a few short years, it will be a part of your life long after you have left the dorms and classes behind. Use this time to its fullest. There are so many opportunities provided for you as a Lawrentian, many of which are highlighted in this issue. Convocations, Main Hall Forums, Science Hall Colloquiums, any number of athletics and clubs, and off-campus study programs, just to name a few.