Polysics blend punk and electronica for a uniquely enjoyable sound

Kevin Ondracek

CD Review: By Kevin Ondracek
Band: The Polysics
Album: Hey Bob
Record Label: AsianManRecords

Wow! This band is unique, to say the least. Hailing from good ol’ Tokyo, Japan, the Polysics play an extremely original blend of electronica with a bit of a punk edge. “Hey Bob” is the first full-length CD released by the Polysics. The band members are Hiro(guitar, vocals, and programming), Kayo (synthesizer and vocals), and Jun (drums).

The Polysics play music similar to the 80s band DEVO, mixed with the raw and powerful sounds of the renowned 80s punk band Dead

Kennedys. Whenever I listen to the Polysics CD, it reminds me of playing an old-school 8-bit video game. There are tons of synthesized “bleeps” and “bloops”, but they all sound clean and extremely well organized. The Polysics even have bright yellow jump-suits to match their whole 80s DEVO image.

The Polysics CD “Hey Bob” has 12 tracks of pure electronic craziness which I think everyone could enjoy. You can check out more about this band at Polysics.com (if your computer supports Japanese text and if you can read Japanese).