Lawrence alum says “Right is wrong!

James Olski

Let me offer a brief response to the three points listed by Jon Horne.1. We could debate all day whether war is the ugliest of things, but elective war is the laziest of things.

Finding peaceful solutions can be difficult and frustrating, and it’s the special province of little children and Republicans to smash what they can’t solve.

I was embarrassed by the sophomoric “shock and awe” attitude of White House officials, who acted like frat boys with a PlayStation, although that would be an insult to fraternity members.

What greater governmental intrusion can there be than the ultimate sacrifice demanded of hundreds of U.S. soldiers in Iraq simply because President Bush was too lazy or stupid or blind to see that Iraq had few, if any, ties to Al-Qaeda and posed no imminent threat to the United States?

2. The Republican strategy has been to borrow a trillion or two and use it to lift the economy. I see that bankruptcies have doubled in the last decade.

It must just be folks being fiscally conservative. Businesses left alone turn into Enron and that S&L ol’ Neal Bush helped bring down.

3. Republicans have selective vision when it comes to seeing too much government. I would take any citizen in hand and say, “Smell that clean air? That’s government. Do you trust the water coming out of your faucet? That’s government. See those kids going to school instead of a sweatshop? Government. The fact that everybody speeding along the highway has been forced to take driving instruction? Government.”

Republicans cry “Too much government!” when it interferes with being able to do what they want exactly when they want. I knew a three-year-old like that, but he grew out of it.

James Olski, 1984