Alumni relations directors explain

We would like to express our thanks to the editors of The Lawrentian, for inviting us to discuss changes to the Senior Class Program last week. We feel it is important, however, for us to clarify a few points that were not covered in the article that was printed.Most importantly, the article did not specify the changes our group recommended and the president’s staff approved. These changes affect events beyond the Senior Dinner (including Commencement weekend festivities). Although seniors received a letter from the programming committee articulating these changes, the remainder of your readers may be uninformed. The changes are as follows:

1. Institutional dollars will not be spent for purchase or distribution of alcohol, with the exception of wine served as part of a meal (e.g., etiquette dinner, Senior Class Dinner). Cash bar is an acceptable alternative.

2. The Viking Room will be closed following Senior Dinner, in an effort to focus on the purpose of the dinner and to distinguish to the community that the senior streak is not part of that event.

3. Guests who arrive visibly intoxicated will not be admitted to events. In addition, should a guest become disruptive during the event, he or she shall be removed.

4. Viking Room staff will confront and remove patrons who are intoxicated or violating public nudity or indecent exposure laws. Campus security and Appleton police will assist as needed.

5. The Senior Class Programming Committee and alumni office will communicate expectations and rules clearly and in advance to all guests, including faculty and staff who attend events.

Our group came to consensus that, although the Senior Streak is not part of the Senior Dinner, the two activities have become completely conflated in the minds of nearly everyone in our community, and that anticipation of events later in the evening adversely affected the atmosphere of the dinner.

We believe our assessment was confirmed by the headline of the article, the senior who was interviewed, and individual inquires we have received in response to the letter and the article.

It is important to note that, as in past years, the students who serve on the Senior Class Programming Committee will be very involved in the design and format of the Senior Dinner because we value student input. We are confident that these students will create an event that is enjoyable for all, and we look forward to working with them throughout this process.

Our goal is not to end traditions, but to restore dignity and decorum to an event that we hope will always be part of the tradition for seniors at Lawrence University.


Andrea M. Powers,’94, associate director of alumni relations

Janice Daniels Quinlan, ’74, director of alumni relations