Smoking ban to go ahead as planned

Aidan Clark

On Tuesday, Nov. 18, the Lawrence University Community Council met to discuss current issues relevant to students. The president of LUCC, Jacques Hacquebord, announced that he had spoken with President Rik Warch about the new campus smoking ban policy, specifically to inquire about LUCC not being involved in making the decision. President Warch apologized to Hacquebord, saying, as relayed by Hacquebord, that it was “unfortunate that it happened.”

Warch said that the new policy will still take effect on July 1 of 2004 as planned, but that he is still open to options and discussion, as elaborated by Hacquebord.

In other business, Tom Ritzer of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee brought forth the concern that the previous ruling by LUCC not to recognize their organization should be reevaluated.

Among the purposes of the SAAC would be the aiding in the communication between athletes and the athletic department on campus and getting student athletes involved in community service. The group would comprise only those students in athletics, with one voting member from each varsity team and representatives from the sports medicine staff.

LUCC gave their reasons for their decision to not recognize the committee, stating that the SAAC’s affiliation with the NCAA could not allow for it. Also brought up were the facts that the selective voting process was questionable and that LUCC was not supposed to be funding groups within the Athletic Department.

The Student Athletic Advisory Committee has been functioning for about a year without LUCC recognition. Tom Ritzer said that the group would be beneficial to the Lawrence community and with LUCC recognition it would “give us [the SAAC] more validation and respect.”

Paul Shrode, the associate dean of student activities, stated that SAAC meets all the requirements for a recognized organization. There would be no problem with acquiring funds from sources other than LUCC.

Hacquebord then moved to approve the SAAC as a recognized organization of the Lawrence University Community Council. The motion was unanimously approved.

LUCC also announced that the Lawrence University Gospel Choir has been approved and recognized by the Lawrence University Community Council, being seen as a “positive contribution to the community.