Loehnis named Division III All-American

Mouse Braun

Last week, the Golf Association of America named Joe Loehnis to the NCAA Division III Ping All-American Team.
It would have been nice to add a MWC team or individual title to his list of accolades, but the team finished third and Loehnis finished second in a playoff at the MWC Tournament.
“This award is nice, but it doesn’t change how I feel about my season,” said the ever-modest Loehnis.
Disappointed that he did not perform as well in his first three years at Lawrence, Loehnis said, “If I had, maybe I would get more consideration for Male Athlete of the Year instead of that Braier character.”
Loehnis continued, “I want to challenge him to a game of one-on-one. He may be able to physically dominate me inside, but I got a pretty sick outside [jumper], and I know for sure my free-throw shooting is far superior.”
Loehnis says he will caddy and take lessons this summer at the Whistling Straits course in Sheboygan, but his roommate Matt Orth says differently.
“I think he is secretly preparing to join the National Billiard Association,” Orth theorized this past weekend. “He goes to the VR every single night to play pool.”
Others have observed the same evidence. Some have claimed to see the Budweiser sweater and plaid pants in the campus bar every night since the season ended.
Whether it be challenging a three-time basketball all-American, aspirations to join the National Billiard Association, or attempting to improve his golf game at a premier national course, one thing is for sure: Loehnis will be remembered as one of the greatest golfers in Lawrence University history.