Youngchild break-in

Jessie Augustyn

On July 27, sometime between the hours of 3:30 A.M. and 6:00 A.M., Youngchild Hall and Science Hall were broken into and vandalized. Appleton police have apprehended two suspects who, though refusing to plead guilty to these crimes, have admitted guilt. The suspects, one juvenile and one adult male, were apprehended by Appleton police while committing another act of vandalism, according to Lawrence’s Risk Insurance Manager Cindy Yanke.

Damage to Youngchild and Science Hall was extensive. Messages were spraypainted on the walls, floors, and countertops, liquid adhesive was poured onto the walls, and the security alarms and wiring were damaged. Also, electronic equipment from the music center, including a camcorder, were stolen. This is the second such theft from the music center.

It is unclear how the vandals gained entrance to either building, but the renovations in Youngchild hall may have allowed entrance there.

To prevent future vandalism, the university will install, in Youngchild Hall, a Simplex card-lock system similar to that on Science Hall. Students, faculty, staff, and staff spouses and children over sixteen will be allowed access upon request.

“Lawrence considers security such a high priority that they have hired a risk and security manager with extensive security experience,” said Yanke.

Lawrence is seeking restitution for the damages which did not meet the insurance deductible.