News In Brief

Problems with parking helped, though not solved

Parking has long been a problem at Lawrence, but this year the administration took steps to help students who weren’t fortunate enough to recieve a parking slot in the lottery. Students without a space can now park in the third and fourth levels of the parking ramp at the intersection of Durkee and Washington streets for $25 per term, verses the usual $20 per month charged by the city. This will allow students to leave their cars overnight and not have to move them in the early morning to comply with city code.

In the ramp, there is no limit on the length of parking. The ramp is also monitored by the Appleton police, and Lawrence security officers will be provided to escort students to and from cars if desired.

The shuttle to Alexander gym will pass by the ramp on the way there and back. In an interview with The Lawrentian, President Warch talked about the parking situation in relation to the new campus building projects scheduled for the upcoming years, quipping, “Unless we get some floating device out on the Fox, I don’t think we’re going to solve the parking problem.”

Parking passes for the ramp can be purchased at the cashier’s window during normal business hours.

Fees for academic petitioning to increase

Soon the Registrar’s Office will be increasing one of its standard fees. The petition fee that is for adding or dropping a class after the due date will increase from $10 to $50 per petition. The Registrar’s Office cited the extra work and the fact that other schools in the area have petition fees as the reason for the increase. Of the other AMC schools, one third charge a petition fee, with only Macalaster’s greater than $25.