Decision 2004

I submit my candidacy for LUCC President on Jan. 7, 2004. Because of my past experiences, I feel that I am most qualified for the position. During my high school years I took part in many endeavors. I served as Junior and Senior Class president; I was the secretary and vice-president of our FFA chapter; I served as vice-president of the Science Club and as Co-Chairman of the Service Learning chapter; I served as President of the Future Teachers of America chapter and I was team co-captain for three years in basketball.

During the summer of 2000, I served as an intern for the South Carolina Department of Education in the office of the Commission on National and Community Service. In May of 2001 I was the recipient of the President Student Service Challenge award. In the spring of 2001, I was elected to the board of the National Service-Learning Partnership. I also serve in two other capacities for this organization: advisory counsel member for the Youth Innovation Fund and advisory counsel member for the Youth Service Compact initiative, spearheaded by America’s Promise, whose founding chairman is Secretary of State Colin Powell.

During the summer of 2001, I interned at Do Something Inc., in which I helped coordinate charitable for Kenneth Cole and Def Jam Records. In the summer of 2003 I was a marshal for the 40th anniversary celebration for Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and the March for Jobs and Freedom that preceded Dr. King’s speech. Currently I am a member of LU’s Model UN chapter.

Joel Rogers

My name is Bill Dalsen, and I would like to serve as your next LUCC President.

I am currently the LUCC Parliamentarian (a position I have held during the past two LUCC administrations), a member of J-Board, a member of the Faculty Committee on Instruction, and I have been involved in student government for seven years. I have repeatedly engaged our administration to assuage student concerns. I have authored legislation, and I have participated as chair and a member of two LUCC Committees.

My current, primary concerns are the recent administrative decrees that encumber LUCC and aggravate our Community, the utter absence of ergonomic furniture in our dorms-the presence of which could prevent injury-and our vexed laundry situation.

As your next President, I will do my level best to ensure that all of your concerns are addressed; that your ideas are pursued; and above all, that your government governs.

My name is Tariq Engineer and I am a junior government/philosophy major. I believe I am best qualified to be your Vice President for two reasons:

First, I served as LUCC Treasurer during my freshman and sophomore years. My time as Treasurer has given me and understanding of the workings of Finance Committee, and the difficulties inherent in an allocation process that involves a finite amount of money to be distributed to over 60 student groups.

Second, I will use my experience as an accountant to streamline the manner in which Finance Committee is supposed to function according to the LUCC Constitution. There are a number of legislative provisions that I found to be either outdated or unnecessary, and I plan to redraft the legislation to better reflect the needs of LUCC and the Lawrence Student Community.