LUCC institues online voting

Jonathan Isaacson

Lawrence University Community Council convened Tuesday in a brief first meeting of the term to discuss upcoming council elections as well as change in the bylaws and a potential constitutional change.The main item of discussion was the upcoming LUCC election to choose a new cabinet. The election will take place in the coming week, with a candidate forum on Sunday, January 11 at 3 p.m. in Riverview Lounge.

The major change in elections this year is the institution of an electronic voting option for students. In addition to the traditional paper ballot, students will be able to vote using their account on the university’s Voyager system.

Voting online will be available starting Sunday evening at 6, after the candidate forum. Online voting will be accessible through Thursday night. Paper ballots will be available at Downer during Friday’s lunch and dinner hours and Saturday’s brunch and dinner hours.

The council plans to use the school email system and fliers around campus to help explain and facilitate the first year of online voting.

In other business, the council unanimously approved a constitutional change that states that both the Committee on Committees and the Finance Committee should include a faculty member whenever possible.

LUCC president Jacques Hacquebord explained his desire to see faculty representatives on the two committees stating that he felt the inclusion of a faculty member would add a dimension to said committees.

Vice president Ned Connors added his sentiments that it is a good idea to include faculty members on the committees because they would have experience with the university that stretches further into the past and likely further into the future.

The change cannot be affected until the resolution is taken to the student body as a whole in an election. For change to be made, two thirds of the voters must approve it. The passage by the council clears the way for the change to be brought to the student body.

Also approved unanimously approved a bylaw change regarding the institution of online voting. A language change in the bylaw makes it applicable to whatever voting system might be used. The change was made due to the possibility of a new program being developed specifically for the elections.