Rewards of Lawrence should not be ignored

Jessie Augustyn

My previous editorials from this year have mainly highlighted issues I view as problems in the world and on campus. Many of my editorials have been misinterpreted or have spawned incorrect assumptions about my feelings on a subject. But along with these negative things, I believe it is important to remember the positives about Lawrence. And, yes, I do believe there are many positive things.For instance, I have criticized the feminist group on campus (DFC) for the way they portray information. However, this does not mean I am opposed to the group. In fact, I am very happy that there are people who recognize that equality of the sexes hasn’t been fully achieved. Despite advances, it is still an important subject to focus on.

Along with an array of student activist groups, there are groups like the Sambistas. Fridays are made much brighter by the infectious rhythm radiating from the amphitheater. On main hall green, there are frequently people playing guitars. And there are always student recitals that display an extraordinary amount of talent.

The personalized nature of the school is also something I highly value. Every one of my professors has been willing to talk one on one with me about class, papers, or basically anything. I think this is something we all appreciate.

And finally, I would like to recognize the paper for giving me the opportunity to get so well acquainted with the school. My time as a reporter as well as the editorials editor has been invaluable to me. I encourage more people to consider writing for or working on the paper in some capacity. It has been very rewarding for me.

To look back on the year, there has been far more positive than negative. Lawrence University, although not perfect, offers wonderful opportunities for all of us. I only hope that the rest of my Lawrence career is as rewarding as the first year.