Posters lack authority without name attached

Today I noticed some posters in the library that urged “Christian students” to contact someone at I felt obliged to respond to Temporarily Nameless, whom I’ll call T.N. for short.

Dear T.N.,

It’s obvious from your posters that you’re upset about an experience you’ve had with a professor. Your posters tell students who have been discriminated against because of Christian beliefs or viewpoints that a professor dislikes to contact you. Maybe you feel that you undeservingly received a low grade, or maybe a prof dissed you during a heated discussion. According to your signs, you believe it’s because the teacher has some kind of anti-Christian agenda.

Don’t you think it’s possible that:

–Perhaps the professor gave you low marks NOT because he or she hates Christians but because you failed to give a compelling argument?

–The teacher might be playing devil’s advocate to stimulate discussion?

Even if your complaint has merit, why hide behind a pseudonym? Many Lawrence students voice their opinions and grievances by using the Lawrentian as a public forum. Did you talk to your advisor or some faculty member who you trust before you posted your signs?

No one’s denying your right to an opinion, but if you expect to be taken seriously, please don’t canvass the campus with inflammatory signs without taking responsibility for your actions. You could write an editorial and prove my speculations wrong. (A friend of mine thinks you’re a psychology major doing some kind of covert experiment. If that’s the case, you should use your real name.) The point is, until you sign your name, all one can do is speculate.

By the way, here’s my name:

Helen Exner