Tariq Engineer

Barry Bonds finally shut his critics up with one of the best hitting post seasons in the history of baseball… and the Giants still lost the World Series.Goes to show as good as Barry is, even he needs “A team” around him to win it all.


Nobody really gave the no-name Angels much of a chance to win before the playoffs started, including this columnist. However, they showed the world how a bunch of committed, hard working guys could bite, scratch, kick, and claw their way to the top. In winning Anaheim’s first ever World Series, this bunch of Angels also put paid all the talk about the curse of the Angels.

It also didn’t hurt that they had the best weapon in baseball after Bonds: the now famous/infamous Rally Monkey.

Really, folks. Who knew the Rally Monkey would go so far, so fast? Born against the self-same Giants a little over two years ago, it is now celebrating its first World Series triumph. In my experience, there hasn’t been anything like the Monkey anywhere in the world.


Thirteen long years ago, a rookie running back on the eve of his first training camp wrote down on a piece of paper these words: NFL ALL-TIME LEADING RUSHER.

And 16,743 yards or approximately 9.6 miles later, that rookie did indeed become the NFL all-time leading rusher, and yes, he still has that piece of paper.

As the paper yellowed with age, Emmitt Smith methodically chipped away at Walter Payton’s record, compiling an NFL-best 11 straight 1,000-yard seasons in the process (2002 should be his 12th straight 1,000 yard season). Along the way Smith also picked up three Super Bowl rings, a Super Bowl MVP award, and four rushing titles, and made nine Pro Bowls.

With his uncanny field vision Smith perfected the art of running between tackles while adding more yards after initial contact than just about anyone who has ever carried the ball on Sundays.

Now he’s carried the ball further than anyone else, period!