The Wino Review

Sean Grady

Your brave taster of many things grape has returned. I was absent last week because of the extraction of my wisdom teeth, without which I feel even less wise. Apparently one should not drink, smoke, or physically exert oneself with gaping wounds in the jaw. I had no idea what to do with myself, and it sure is lonely without wine.

Los Vascos 2000 is a Chilean wine, with vines originally from Chateau Lafite Rothschild placed on the Chilean estate about 60 years ago.

Although this is on another continent with different growing conditions and the vines have taken a slightly different course than its second cousin vineyards in France, it is still operated by the Rothschild estate. The reversal of seasons across the equator allows the experts that usually tend the caves in France during harvest to manage the Chilean estate in their off season.

Sweet and flowery with a brief finish, this wine has a closed elegance that may come out over the next few years. Not exactly soyeux, but possessing a fatness and complexity that is most welcome after a week of abstaining from the happy drink.

Los Vascos 2000 may be purchased at the World Market for $9 and is suitable for most casual occasions, like downing it with a bowl of Ragu in front of the television. Based on the price and quality, this is reasonable selection. (***1/4)

Chateau le Grange Clinet 1999 is a Bordeaux of ordinary quality. It has an interesting complexity that may, like the Los Vascos, be served well by time, but you could save some kitchen space and down it with a bowl of Ragu in front of the television.

It possesses a bouquet of fruit and has an earthy and berry flavor. The most interesting quality of this bottle is a strong oak finish. Chateau le Grange Clinet may be purchased at Flanagan’s for $9. (***)

The varieties of wine I enjoy the most are long, dry, voluptuous reds with intriguing finishes. This may be kept in mind while I review these wines, to compare them with what you the reader may enjoy, or to inspire suggestions for wine I should comment on. If you would like to share a wine, I usually reciprocate and uncork a bottle of my own. I may be reached at x7269 for any of these reasons.