I would like to put forth a defense for Conkey’s Bookstore. Yes, their prices are a bit steep. However, they are an indpendent bookstore in a world of gigantic monsters like Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and others. Independent bookstores have a charm that the giants just don’t have. You get to know the clerks and know that the people who own that store love it and want their professions to revolve around it. Perhaps the only way Conkey’s can stay alive is by taking advantage of the resource they have available; Lawrence University. I, for one, will support them because I believe indepedent bookstores should be given a chance. I’ll fork over the extra bucks to help stores like Conkey’s stay alive. I see indepedent bookstores as a wonderful, charming thing and I would hate to see any indepedent bookstore go under. So, before you run to the internet to buy your books, think about the people who own Conkey’s. They’re people just like you and me. People we can see and interact with, not just a computer screen and the unknowns who run the giants. Don’t let Indepedent Bookstores die!