STAFF EDITORIAL: Lawrence, YMCA start a beautiful friendship

Staff Editorial

All Lawrentians should take a moment and thank the Lawrence University Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation Committee for reaching an agreement with the Fox Cities YMCA. This arrangement grants students free memberships to the YMCA, giving them access to the fitness and weight training facilities.

This type of forward-seeking arrangement benefits students, and is a heads-up way to provide top-notch services to all Lawrentians.

The Lawrentian encourages the university to seek similar situations with area businesses of other types.

Health services and Morton’s pharmacy partner up to give convenient prescription service. The LU hockey team uses the local ice rink.

The more outside student expenses that the university can reduce, the better for students.

Ideally, of course, the university will provide for as many services as possible right here on campus. But sometimes even successful systems need a helping hand.

The success of the YMCA collaboration will tell us a lot about how businesses and universities can work together for mutual benefit.

If this works, who’s to say a deal with a local restaurant or two wouldn’t help ease those Friday afternoon Downer lines?

What about a partnership between Lawrence and some sort of book outlet that would keep costs down, and allow students a purchase option other than Conkey’s?

For that matter, a great many Lawrentians would cheer if somehow the University could help swing a Conkey’s student discount.

But for now, stop by the rec center, sign up for your free Y membership, and please—by all means—say thank you.