Dining for Dummies

Ceilidh Mar

Chef Chu’s Chinese Cuisine
719 W. College Ave.
Fresh and delicious Chinese food served in a fairly casual environment. Plus they deliver. They can be slightly pricey, but lunch prices are much better. Plus they offer some more traditional fare, including a roast duck with mandarin pancakes, which was wonderful. If you have the money this is a great stop. Make sure to call first for dinners. Reservations are helpful, especially on weekends.

Nakashima of Japan
4100 W. Pine St.

The darkened atmosphere and quiet chatter of customers adds a tranquil mood to Nakashima. I chose this place for their delicate flavored sushi and much praised reputation. Slightly expensive and always busy. Make sure to call for a table.

201 W. Northland Ave.

This place is great for the adventurous eater. With traditional Korean and Japanese fare and some great fresh sushi, Koreana’s offers a fun evening. But it is the unique entrees that pique the curiosity. With dishes comprised of raw egg over a bowl of steaming hot stir-fry and rice, one can’t help but enjoy the meal, if only for the expression on people’s faces the first time they see it. Be prepared to spend some money and to wait a while for a table. But the wait is worth it!

Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant
2245 W. Spencer St.

I picked this restaurant based not solely on the place itself but because they deliver and have fairly good-sized portions. Plus, you have a lot of choices when you order. If you are vegetarian they have a great home-style bean curd. This place is perfect if you don’t want to leave the room.

Taste of Thai
321 E. College Ave.

Taste of Thai features a slightly different flavor than the other restaurants here. This dimly lit restaurant literally just off campus takes a sweet and hot look at just about everything on the extensive menu. Known around campus for their numbering system that lets you choose from mild to extremely spicy, Taste of Thai can deliver the heat. (Warning for those raised in the Midwest: avoid the five-star unless you want to be chugging water all night.) A gem to have near campus!

220 E. College Ave.

We all know Hunan’s. It’s the closest to campus and serves pretty decent food. With great prices because of the lunch specials and the Lawrence menu for students, this place can be hard to pass up.