Lights, camera, action: SOUP puts on film festival

Susan Galasso

The SOUP Student Film Festival will take place Saturday, April 29, at 3 p.m. in the Wriston auditorium.
The festival will feature several short films directed by and starring Lawrence students, including “Almost Infamous,” by Eric Ohrlogge, and Erik Anderson’s “The Astounding Adventures of Fork Man (and Spoon Girl).”
This is the second year SOUP has sponsored a student film festival. “We’re hoping to make it a continuing thing,” says film festival committee chair Marianne Griffin. “We’ve had a lot more interest this year – just people who want to make films and have the equipment.”
Last year’s submissions included mostly films made for a separate class, but many of this year’s films were made independently for the festival.
“My film was the collective effort of a bunch of crazy people in Kohler Hall,” said Anderson, who describes “Fork Man” as “a ridiculous movie about an amazing superhero.” Fork Man, who happens to be a heroic Downer fork, rescues damsels in distress and goes on candy bar-fueled adventures.
Ohrlogge’s film, a spoof on college horror movies, follows a serial killer on the Lawrence campus whose crimes are foiled by an oblivious klutz. “The film was so much fun to make,” he says.
The Academy Award-themed festival will culminate in an audience-judged film contest with prizes for the winner. “It’s a fun way to get students involved,” says Griffin. The night will also include red carpet decorations and costumes, and guests are urged to “come in their Oscar attire!