Romance According to Kate

Ostler, Kate

(Brent Schwert)

Dear Kate,
I’ve got two dates to the same party on Saturday night, and I don’t want to let either of them down. How can I manage two ladies at once?
-A Busy Guy from BrokawDear Busy,
It’ll probably come as no surprise to you that a good deal of my romance advice is based off of recurrent themes from “Saved by the Bell.” Yeah, the television show. Seriously though, Zack and Slater said some pretty profound stuff about compassion and fairness, and damn if I didn’t totally buy into it. I vaguely recall an episode in which Zack had two dates to a dance. Aside from a few costume changes and awkward misunderstandings, all I remember is that Zack got totally screwed, and not during the after-party threesome he was hoping for. You don’t want to get to this party and have to deal with entertaining two dates at once. Even Zack, with his perfectly coiffed hair and ability to call “time-out” couldn’t do it successfully. Let this be a lesson to you: Choose one chick to stick with, and tell the other one you’ll meet up with her some other time — maybe at the Max . I mean, the Grill.

Dear Kate,
What should I do when I see another girl hitting on my crush at a party?
-Ready to Charge

Dear Ready,
According to the previous question in this week’s column, maybe you should be happy that this guy didn’t try to pull the old Zack Morris-switcheroo on you. But, if your situation isn’t exactly like the one mentioned above, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before deciding to punch this girl in the face. First of all, wait your turn. There’s nothing more annoying than someone interrupting your private conversation, except maybe river gnats. Secondly, play it cool. Don’t keep looking over at the two of them, and try not to go out of your way to get your crush to notice you. Just relax, maybe have a drink, and see how things play out. If the feelings are mutual, chances are you’ll get more attention from your crush and won’t have to worry about someone else trying to smooch him.