Dining for Dummies

Ceilidh Mar

Friar Tuck’s
2120 W College Ave.
Friar Tuck’s makes the list for several reasons. Whether you consider this a “scary restaurant” for the atmosphere, which happens to be faux-monastery (and a perfect place to throw a really creepy Halloween party), the horrific “costumes” they make the waitresses wear (giant brown friar’s robes), or the sometimes unidentifiable food, Friar Tuck’s has all the elements for a frightful meal.

Trim B’s
201 S. Walnut St.

A restaurant that is decked out in costume all year long (can we say pirate shanty?), Trim B’s has some pretty decent food. I’ve heard great things about the chowder, and they have a reputation for passable steaks. But when you consider the fishing nets and portholes, you can’t help thinking it dressed up for Halloween too soon!

4101 W Wisconsin Ave

Chosen for the scary restaurant list based mainly on the clientele after midnight, IHOP can prove to be a truly frightening place to eat. With the colorful cast of characters that venture out for food late at night you can guarantee you’ll see a show. But hey, you can’t be too picky after midnight.

2975 W. College Ave.

Perkins has that family spirit and Halloween atmosphere. (And you can guarantee some pretty scary people here after midnight, too!) While the food is little better than dressed-up fare, the Halloween cookies are worth the trip. But from what some people say, after eating here it won’t be the ghosts and ghouls moaning in the middle of the night.