A couple of thoughts for LU pranksters

Peter Gillette

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank whoever put soapsuds in the fountain between Wriston and the Mudd library.The idea was original, constructive, and generally helpful to the campus at large.

This is my third year at Lawrence, and each prior year, I would pass the fountain and think to myself, “Hmm. What would happen if someone put soap suds in the fountain?”

But no one had yet had the courage to step forward and enrich our LU experience.

Last weekend, I’m sure many visiting parents realized that our student body is as clever as it is original.

To whoever thought this up, I have a couple more suggestions for new things to do:

1. An organized, end-of-the-year, all-seniors streak. This event could really catch on.

2. Spray painting peace signs in front of Main Hall. I can’t believe this hasn’t been thought up yet! I mean, the Main Hall faculty are among the most outspoken warmongers in Outagamie County.

3. Changing what is written on whiteboard schedules in residence halls. Okay, I’ll admit this third one actually is very fun.

4. Putting a French flag atop Main Hall once a year.

5. Taping laundry tokens in laundry machines. This has never been done before… but then again, my clothes have never been dried in one cycle either.

6. Using slingshot-type devices to shoot water balloons, fruit, etc., off of quad buildings and onto cars parked on Alton Street and pedestrians leaving Downer. This could become a perennial favorite.

Back to the fountain prank: I’ll give you eight points for execution. I mean, the suds weren’t very evenly distributed, but a ten on originality. Keep up the good work! Hopefully some of my novel suggestions can serve as grist for your sudsy mill.