Union Retail Director to leave for classroom

Cameron Kramlich

Maureen Doyen will leave Lawrence University on June 18th to pursue a career in teaching at local public schools. After taking the summer off, Maureen will begin substitute teaching at the middle school level this fall. She characterizes this decision as, “a transitional process that has happened over the last couple of years.” Maureen has spent eleven years at Lawrence University and a total of nineteen years in the food service industry. Maureen feels that she has significantly enhanced the Union retail operations and says, “Thank you to all those students that have helped to make the operation successful.you are only as good as the people who work for you.”
Despite enthusiasm for her new career, Doyen regrets that she will not see the new campus center come to fruition. Several faculty members have expressed disappointment with this change. According to professor James Dana, “It is further evidence that the university is going to hell and a hand basket when Maureen leaves.”