Lawrentian acquires original fraternity housing contract

Allison Augustyn

This is the 1941 contract between Lawrence and the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, regarding the construction of the fraternity quadrangle. The Lawrentian obtained the contract late on Wednesday from John Hein, legal counsel for the five fraternities. (Phi Kappa Tau joined under Hein’s representation as of May 1, 2001). Included with this document were copies of each of the other fraternities’ contracts with Lawrence. Each contract is identical except for the names of the fraternities, the addresses of the houses, the amount of money liquidated and given to Lawrence, and the names of the signatures and witnesses on the contracts.

It does contain the information currently under examination by Lawrence and the fraternities in interpreting the rightful ownership of the fraternity houses.

The signers include Geroge Banta, Jr., president of the board of trustees (not the college) and representatives of the fraternities.

Lawrence College
June 5, 1941

Scholarship Agreement

AGREEMENT between the Board of Trustees of Lawrence College, of Appleton, Wisconsin, hereinafter referred to as the College and the Theta Phi Corporation of Wisconsin Beta chapter of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, of the same place hereinafter referred to as the Local Chapter, WITNESSETH:
WHEREAS, the Local Chapter has heretofore conveyed to the College real estate which the parties hereto have mutually agreed to be worth $9,500.00 at the time of the transfer.
NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the conveyance of said real estate the College hereby covenants and agrees that it will hereafter make annual scholarship awards to the active members of the Local Chapter equivalent to 3% of the agreed value of said real estate, vis: $285.00, and that it will continue to do so as long as the Local Chapter is recognized as a fraternity on the campus of the College, which scholarship awards are to be allocated to such members of the Local Chapter by a committee composed of the president of the Local Chapter, a member to be designated by the alumni organization of the Chapter and the Dean of the College or some officer of the College to be designated by the president thereof.
The College further agrees that it will be its policy to assign members of the Local Chapter to room in the dormitory located at 711 East Alton Street, however, the College reserves the right to assign rooms in said dormitory to students who are not members of the Local Chapter if it becomes necessary to do so in order to adequately finance its operation and maintenance.
The College further agrees that in event the Local Chapter or anyone on its behalf makes a contribution to the College for the purpose of increasing the annual amount available for scholarships to active members of said Local Chapter as provided herein, to allow 3% on all such contributions for such purpose.
It is mutually agreed and understood that if the Local Chapter ceases to function on the campus of the College and such essention shall continue without interruption for a period of five years, then at the expiration of such period the obligation of the College hereunder will automatically terminate. However, during said five year period said 3% shall be determined annually and accumulated by the College as a credit on its books of account and it will all be available for financing scholarships as provided herein so, if and when the Local Chapter is reinstated by the National Fraternity and the authorities of Lawrence College at any time within five years after such cessation, and in that event the plan of awarding scholarships established by this agreement shall again become operative and the credit accumulated during the period of suspension will be made available according to the terms hereof, it being expressly understood that whenever the Local Chapter falls to function for a larger period than five years then all obligations of the College hereunder shall be terminated.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed the above and foregoing agreement this 30th day of June, 1941.


The Board of Trustees of Lawrence College
By George Banta Jr., President

Theta Phi Corporation of Wisconsin Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity
By J. Leslie Sensenbrenner, President.

In presence of:
Mildred L. Alger
J. Owens