Club Sag opens doors

Vanessa Weller

Those who understand the paradox of gambling-so much fun, yet addicting and a waste of money-can rest assured that from now on, gambling will go toward a good cause at least once a year at Lawrence.
Club Sag, the brainchild of James DeCaro and the Sage RLA staff, brought together the fun of gambling and benefit of giving to charity April 28 in the Sage basement. The organizers of Club Sag donated the proceeds to two causes: the AIDS Research Alliance and Heifer International, an organization that benefits developing nations.
The Sage staff voted for a number of causes and these two tied for the most supporters. Said DeCaro, “We really wanted to do something fun this year in Sage, and the casino night was one thing we agreed on.”
DeCaro was inspired by the Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth, the summer program for gifted teens held at Lawrence during which high school students can take one college course over a three-week period to earn college credit.
He borrowed the idea of a community study break-often snacks and Texas Hold ’em in Sage-and embellished it with live music from Greg Woodard and Sue Spang, the BACCHUS Bar, and raffled prizes such as t-shirts, laundry tokens and a refrigerator.
Club Sag drew between 30 and 40 guests during the night-not bad for a first time event. It was one of this year’s few campus-wide events held by a single residence hall.
“Our first attempt went as well as we expected,” said Sage RLA Max Halverson. “Next year hopefully we will have a better outcome. We might try to get professors as ‘celebrity’ dealers and a wider range of prizes.”
The advertising blitz that filled Downer, the Mudd Library and each residence hall prior to the evening of Club Sag can be attributed to the work of Sage RLAs, including Sz-Min Chen, raffle hostess and Residence Hall Director of Sage.
She agreed with Halverson, saying, “This was the first event the whole Sage staff worked on together, and I’m excited to see what they do next year.”
Perhaps this marks the beginning of a trend of all-campus hall activities as yet another way to unite the students of Lawrence University.