Cabaret article misleading

Tetteh Otuteye

In the April 20 edition of The Lawrentian, an article entitled “Lawrence International to host 25th annual Cabaret” was featured. In it, the author accurately stated that “Tickets to LI’s big event cost more than those for their smaller events.” This fact was, however, painted the color of greed by the author, who managed to work in the falsehood that “While profits from the ethnic dinners are donated to international causes and relief funds, Cabaret’s revenues are kept by LI… Sometimes LI actually loses money on [Cabaret] [but] when a profit is made, LI keeps it for its own operational expenses.” This is absolutely incorrect. In fact, LI is largely and primarily funded by LUCC and these funds are complemented by our own fundraising activities, Dean Truesdell’s support and the office of the international student advisor Scott Fuller. Indeed, sometimes an “international cause,” such as the Indian earthquake relief fund (which we recently raised money for), does grab our attention and if we are able to organize a fund-raising program to contribute towards such charitable causes we are pleased to do so. However, Cabaret is not a fund-raiser, neither for Lawrence International nor for any external body or “international cause.” As such, all profits and losses are absorbed by LUCC. Cabaret is actually an opportunity to share international culture with the Lawrence Community and the Appleton public as a whole, and we are fortunate that if others in the Lawrence press fail to see this, LUCC doesn’t and are happy to help us fund the event. Indeed, we would like to contribute more towards other charitable causes but there are many constraints, which limit our contributions.

Despite the efforts of Bilguissa Diallo (a member of the last LI board) to convince him of the truth, it appears the author was intent on portraying Lawrence International as a greedy organization intent on extorting a usurous fee from the public. Perhaps the success of the show (which DID in fact include a vast array of international flavor) and the large number who turned out for the event, will bear witness to the authenticity of Lawrence International’s efforts to share the various cultures we have here with the whole community.

—Tetteh Otuteye, President, Lawrence International

The Lawrentian stands behind the objectivity of its reporting and reporters.