LUCC Report

Kayla Wilson

The Lawrence University Community Council convened Tuesday to discuss the permanent implementation of 24-hour residence hall lockdown. The lockdown measure was first instituted during winter term after the infamous “shower peepers” incident and a reported credit card theft.
While fully supported by security and the administration, many members of the student body view the lockdown as an inconvenience. Additionally, many feel that by locking the doors students are distancing themselves from the greater Appleton community by displaying distrust.
The student community brought all of these negative aspects before the council Tuesday evening.
Many members of the Lawrence community also spoke out in support of the measure, saying they felt safer since introduction of the lockdown. After hearing from the community and discussing it amongst themselves, the General Council passed the permanent 24-hour lockdown legislation.
The council also discussed other measures under consideration for the future, such as campus surveillance and a swipe-card system for all buildings. The letter is a definite possibility, but the cost has caused some reservations.
The council noted that bettering security is a slow process and that no system is perfect.
Other matters that came before the council included the Hiett Hall vandalism report – citing the recent vandalism in that residence hall – which explained the division of fines amongst residents and a report from the Finance Committee.
The Student Welfare Committee also presented its findings from the recent survey regarding room phone usage by students, as well as the schedule for Downer next year.
The council also approved