Lawrence Love

Zach Patrick-Riley

“All right dude, so there’s this girl that’s really cool and fun and attractive and totally my type.” “Nice, dude. So you guys gonna date?” “Um, well see, I mean maybe; the only problem is she’s a freshman. Is that bad?”You just witnessed a hypothetical conversation between two upperclassman guys talking about a freshman girl. Let me take the place of the guy (or act like I am a girl giving another girl advice) who asked if they are going to date, and answer their inquiry of whether it’s bad or okay.

Are numbers just numbers? Should age matter (think of a sexy prof here)? Be my guest: I guarantee that would be more than fulfilling and a time to remember. Just don’t complain to me when you get an failing grade.for multiple reasons..

As much I would like to suggest pursuing one of your hottie librarian English professors, let me speak realistically. Say you are an upperclassman and sight a gorgeous girl. You make eye contact.get goosebumps.then get up the courage to talk to her. She seems pretty mature, and looks it, but somehow it occurs to you that she’s a freshman. Don’t lie to yourself — every upperclassman has seen a freshman that s/he thought was hot. The question is, if you are an upperclassman, should age matter.

My answer is . yes. It does matter in this situation. Not the number difference, more the maturity variance. Obviously if you feel an awesome spark with someone, you shouldn’t deny it. But the prospective a junior/senior has from a freshman is profoundly drastic. Freshman year is a lift-off point for forming your own identity and perspective, besides dispelling past notions that Abercrombie is the only brand to wear and that “The O.C. is like, omg, so heartwrenching”.

The age number matters in the fact that your experience and understanding of life of an 18-year-old freshman is different from a 20-year-old junior. Even though it’s just two years or a little over, which numerically isn’t that significant, the maturity you gain through experience is. If you are a sophomore, it is more acceptable because you are still somewhat of a nai(UMLAUT I)ve nitwit yourself.

Lastly, and here comes the most important piece of advice if you are a freshman reading this: unless you are crushing so bad you can’t function properly, then please consider trying to be independent and gain as many solid friendships as possible. You need to feel what it is like to be on your own and experience new things. But sometimes it isn’t the worst idea to have some random freshman-to-freshman hook-ups; they are learning experiences.

Basically, if you are a wise and all-knowing junior or senior, then trust me on this one: age may not necessarily matter, but class year does. Stay away from the Sexy Freshy, and consider going for another upperclassman, Professor Hottie Librarian, or hey, one of the townies — Appleton is a damn attractive town.