Speeches on Main Hall Green

Here is my top 10 list of things to get excited about for this term:1) This is the last term of the school year! It is spring and there’s magic in the air. Right now it’s warm enough to wear a T-shirt but cool enough to be refreshing and not make us tired.

2) Bikes are so cheap at the Thrift Shoppe that it is cheaper to buy another used bike than to fix a current one. If you’re on a bike, all you have to do is close your eyes and you will pass out of a cloud of river bugs in a second.

3) The Environmental Symposium class this year focused on making the Wilson House more environmentally friendly and will hopefully empower its students to make proposals for other buildings on campus. These proposals may be really creative and, if implemented, would put us on the cutting edge of green campuses.

4) The Environmental Book Club is not yet official but will be amazing. Check out our books in the library’s reserve room. More reading sounds lame but there’s not much of it and it’s fun to talk about.

5) Biodiesel at Lawrence University is another exciting club that’s awaiting recognition from LUCC. BALU plans on safely converting used oil from campus dining centers into biodiesel. One of the ideas of BALU is to have a biodiesel car on campus that students can rent for small trips. This is an awesome idea, whether or not it is plausible right now. I’m generally excited about the belief that the most effective change happens locally. Kyoto Protocol-Shmyoto Protocol: International agreements won’t stop global warming. ****We**** will with our bikes and biodiesel. ****We**** will with our ideas that may take form right here on this campus!

6) LUCC meetings! They don’t always have to be boring, as long as we keep bringing important issues to them and we have a lot of power to affect the outcome of those issues. I witnessed this when the Trustee Resolution passed after a heated and exciting debate.

7) Conservatory students! There are tons of them here and they’re all great musicians, some of the best in the country, yet I still haven’t seen many concerts here. FREE concerts. That’s crazy!

8) It’s exciting to read Lawrence’s brochure while going to Lawrence. The same goes for the Life Brochure: Our blood carries nutrients from our food and oxygen from the air we breathe to create energy! That’s awesome!

9) Most of us are 18 years old, which means we can legally smoke, vote, go to jail and probably do a lot of things we couldn’t do just a few years ago. It’s exciting that we have the ability to do these things, whether or not we actually do them.

10) No parents! The movies “Goodnight and Good Luck” and “The Constant Gardener,” music by “The Arcade Fire,” and Easter chocolate on sale. And Netflix!