This week in LUCC

The LUCC General Council met April 6 to discuss new laundry equipment and organizational semantics. Erik Eisenheim, who was to be parliamentarian in the upcoming year, was replaced.
The steering committee later met to hear recognition petitions for new student organizations.
In General Council, Dean of Students Nancy Truesdell announced to the committee that the university will contract with a private company to install and maintain new laundry machines on campus. The decision came as a response to student complaints over limited washer capacity and inefficient dryers.
The new machines will not take tokens. Instead, students will swipe their IDs in a reader that will charge students’ accounts. Also, the new dryers will use sensors to determine if clothes are still damp, not stopping until drying is finished.
In other business, LUCC changed the name of Publications Board to Media Board. This was done to reflect the inclusion of WLFM representatives on the board, a change made earlier this year.
In internal council issues, parliamentarian Erik Eisenheim was replaced by Heath Gordon. Gordon, who was parliamentarian under Pete Snyder, was reappointed due to problems in the meeting regarding Robert’s Rules of Order that stemmed from the inexperience of both Eisenheim and the cabinet in general, most of whom were not involved in the previous administration. This move has been approved by the cabinet and Associate Dean Paul Shrode, and is expected to be formally announced in General Council this week or next.
After the General Council adjourned, the Steering Committee recognized the Lawrence University Magic Club and Lawrence University Debate Team. The groups’ final status will be determined by the General Council.-This article was written by the staff of
The Lawrentian with assistance
from Heath Gordon.

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