Vikes, More Vikes!

Kyle Nodarse

I am not a Packers fan. I never have been, and I highly doubt that I ever will be. That makes the fact that I am opening this article by talking about Brett Favre and the Packers even more miraculous than their 4-0 start.
It’s not that they’re undefeated for the first time in nearly a decade. It’s more important to talk about Brett Favre becoming the NFL’s new touchdown king, throwing his 421st and 422nd touchdowns in a 23-16 win against the rival Minnesota Vikings. That record gets added to his status as pass completions leader and second-best in passing yards, less than 4000 yards behind Dan Marino.
If he plays again next year, he will likely own that record as well. This new record cements Brett Favre as being not only one of the greatest, but perhaps the greatest quarterback to ever play the game.
The play-offs are starting in Major League Baseball, and unfortunately for Wisconsin sports fans the young upstart Milwaukee Brewers missed the play-offs by only two games to the Chicago Cubs.
Not so unfortunate for the Brewers’ future is 23-year-old first baseman Prince Fielder, who led the Brewers in home runs, RBIs, and runs scored. Coupled with 25-year-old Rickie Weeks and his 25 stolen bases this year, as well as the pitching of Ben Sheets and Francisco Cordero, the Brewers will continue to be a force to be reckoned with.
Here is what I think we should do with Michael Vick, who recently tested positive for marijuana. Mike, you were the fastest quarterback in the NFL, you played in a city that absolutely loved you, and you made a ridiculous amount of money for being an average quarterback. You blow that for the excitement of dogfighting?
Vick should be banned from the NFL so that he doesn’t have the money to raise and kill defenseless animals anymore. Though, with the rising amount of charges against him, he’ll be in jail until he’s 50 and no one, not even Michael Vick, is that good.
Athletes and coaches who cheat are despicable. Look at Bill Belichick, for example. Here is a man who had a great reputation as a mastermind of the sidelines. Yet he was cocky enough to illegally videotape the New York Jets to get signals to use, he claimed, the next time the two teams played. Carl Mayer, a New York Jets season-ticket holder, is suing the Patriots to get $185 million for “deceiving customers.”
While I agree that what Belichick did is wrong, this guy is just out looking for some easy money. As stupid and illegal as Belichick’s actions were, people who are saying that he deserves a stronger penalty are just not being smart. I believe that the penalty Belichick personally received, as well as the extra $250,000 against the team and a lost first-round draft pick (should they make the play-offs) is almost perfect.
With the school year getting started, I want to put this plug in for Lawrence athletes; the Lawrence fall athletes really deserve a stronger support cast. They give up a month of their summer to represent our school, we’ve got a great location for football, soccer and volleyball games, and I know that all of these athletes would love to see everyone come out and support them whenever possible.