Soundboard tuning up for another harmonious year

Katie Langenfeld

For any student musician, the chance to perform is a precious one. SoundBoard features musicians from the Lawrence community who perform their own compositions or cover other artists’ music.
With different performers each week, the audience samples a wide array of music and talent. It is a great place to hear music that you have never heard before — as well as a good chance to see and support your fellow classmates as they perform.
SoundBoard hosts these hour-long musical events each Sunday at 9 p.m. in the Underground Coffeehouse. They are a great excuse to take a break from studying hard all weekend to grab some coffee, catch up with friends and listen to good music.
Skyler Silvertrust, the founder and head of SoundBoard, said the inspiration behind starting SoundBoard stemmed from hearing talented musicians playing in the hallway. He founded SoundBoard in 2005 to showcase the musical talent that abounds at Lawrence.
There is a multitude of musicians who can sing or play more than one instrument at Lawrence, but many students have only a few performances a year or decide not to play in the ensembles available.
SoundBoard wanted to make it easier for musicians to be heard and play their own music, making live music a regular occurrence at Lawrence. The group acquired a house this year and hopes to turn it into an “impromptu place” of music for students.
Silvertrust recalled two highlights from the past year. First, the holiday version of SoundBoard, which included several performers and a great audience turnout, and second, the SoundBoard compilation CD.
The album was made in the WLFM studio with the help of Paul Karner. Silvertrust and Karner recorded music performed by musicians who had played at SoundBoard for the album. SoundBoard hopes to make more compilation CDs available this year for students who wish to own a copy.
“Students should pay attention to the kind of talent we have here,” Silvertrust said, “because it is not common at other schools.” Take his advice and treat yourself to a broader education at Lawrence by visiting SoundBoard to experience a little bit of the amazing talent that we have.
The first SoundBoard of the 2007-2008 academic year will take place Oct. 7. Look for posters around campus to find out who is performing throughout the year.
Returning musicians as well as new performers are welcome to play on the SoundBoard stage. If you are interested in performing at SoundBoard, you should contact Skyler Silvertrust for further information.