The Lawrence Love Column

Zach Patrick-Riley

I am currently in a long-distance relationship, but am worried about whether or not it is logical or even possible to stay together. What should I do?
-Anxious in AntarcticaLong-distance relationships are tough; everyone knows that, especially people that are in them. So, my friend, if you happen to be in one, let me first say that I deeply applaud you on your effort and commitment to your partner. Secondly, let me slap you for not having more common sense. Only kidding. but the lame thing is, that is what people frequently say to someone that is in a long-distance relationship. Well, don’t let these people get to you my faithful little romantics. Long-distance relationships can work very well; one just needs to make sure they keep in mind certain keys for success.
Number one, number two, and number three are: communication! The most important trait in any relationship is having a strong level of communication about how you are feeling in the relationship and what is on your mind in general. Now: I just said any relationship. This means that no matter what type of relationship you are in, take that needed level of good communication and double it. Get it ingrained in your mind that you have to communicate. But for success in a long-distance relationship in particular, you absolutely need to be able to share what is on your mind, if you want to succeed in the master quest of long distance.
The fourth and perhaps most important tip I could give to someone in a long-distance relationship — and this will be hard to comprehend, but just have FUN!!! Take pride and happiness in the fact that the connection between the two of you is strong and special enough to stay together. Remembering this will allow you to overcome difficult obstacles. And know that when you do see one another, it could be that much more amazing. The butterflies you usually get will probably be fluttering more intensely than ever.

Do real dates even exist in college?
– The Freshman Inquirer

The common answer here at Lawrence is that no; “real” dates do not really exist here. Pretty sad and depressing, huh? I mean, the only dates people really ever go on involve going to a restaurant, watching a movie in a dorm room, or getting coffee. Which are good and all, but I mean come on, do you really want to go to some bland, clich coffee shop or restaurant all the time? Well Mr. Freshman — and everyone else — here comes something wild, a new idea, an alternative idea. They can, I repeat, CAN exist in college. For those who seek a bit more adventure and variety, there is hope.
You can break free from the norm of the bland-restaurant-coffee-outing, trust me. We are here at Lawrence for a reason, because we are advocates of alternative thinking and a liberal open mind. So when thinking about possible date ideas, you should try to keep that same open mind and not be afraid to do something different.
A good anytime date could be going for a sweet little walk. Walking is good because it gives you the opportunity to talk to your date, and if your hands brush when they are swinging, it can make the common question “Is she interested in me or not?” that much less stressful. Also, if it is cold outside, no worries — you can go buy some hot chocolate afterwards, or play the “Aww, want me to warm you up?” card. And then give them a casual shoulder rub. You can possibly walk down by the good ol’ Fox River. It may not look too pretty during the day, but let me tell you, at night, it is absolutely breathtaking and quite romantic! There are even little benches and wooden stairwells that are pretty comfortable and add to the romance!
Another date idea that probably is the simplest and tastiest one of all is, instead of going out to dinner, try making dinner for the other person. Better yet, cook something together. Bake a cake, make some Chinese food, have some pasta and cheesecake. Just try something new and exciting. Who knows maybe it will be a recipe for a successful and wonderful date! Biggest piece of advice, just keep an open and creative mind about ingredients to use when thinking about how to show your partner a fun and romantic time.