Point-Counterpoint: Who sucks?

Captain Love-Train

Conservatives are misinformed and evil. They are like Nazis or other fascists because they silence their enemies rather than hearing them out. They ignore history in favor of populist tax cuts, and they don’t understand that the state can guarantee certain rights to people who deserve them.
Some people go hungry through no fault of their own. The fault is with the Christians, the God-people who hate evolution; the corporations; and the objectivists. They all collude to hate poor people and science.
There is a word for Republicans: absolutely evil. And all conservatives, as we can tell from watching Pat Robertson, follow simplistic religious doctrines and support any military action imaginable.
Don’t they know that diplomacy, without violence, can disarm any dictator, that economic sanctions only hurt “The People?” They don’t know history, because conservatives hate America.
Why do they hate America? Because they hate the world. They want her to disregard the United Nations and act unilaterally, other nations be damned. They’re all-to-a-one warmongering, bigoted pseudo-Christians, but they can’t help it because they were born that way. Doesn’t excuse it, though.
Christians forget that the liberty that America fights for is a liberty in danger from laws banning American flags and supporting war. Those good, old-fashioned patriots who fought and died against Germans and Russians and South Vietnamese soldiers didn’t do it so some kid in Kansas would learn creation. Some of these soldiers also fought in Korea and we should not forget them.
We’re not against America, we’re against the war, and while Saddam Hussein may have violated a couple human rights, is what he did any worse than the Patriot Act? Like the old isolationists used to say, it’s none of our business. That’s why Terry Schiavo should be able to die in peace.
Conservatives cheat in elections by appealing to the common man. Take the high road, don’t challenge our patriotism, and then try winning an election. We are the ones who care about the poor people, but hey, if only college-educated people who weren’t financially well off voted, we would win every single election.
Conservatives suck and hate America.