Conservatives also protest Lawrence investments

Steve Martin

The Lawrence University Objectivist Club and College Republicans are pushing the university to disclose its investment portfolio, because of the groups’ fears that the university may be supporting socially responsible or civically minded corporations.
Rumors are circulating that Lawrence supports such organizations as Organic Valley, Newman’s Own, the United Way, the Boys and Girls Club, Target, Habitat for Humanity, the Heifer Project, and the Red Cross.
“While we believe in the ‘free market,’ we also believe that the poor must fend for themselves,” said objectivist Eric Lanser. “It’s the American way.” Scott Sandersfeld added a less informed but considerably more militant opinion.
While the College Republicans have no particular objection to anything, they must object in order to justify their own existence. “After all, if the Leftists can complain, which they do, why can’t we?” asked Republican Mike Papincak.
Lawrence University officials maintain that they are not helping people any more than they ought to through their investments, and will silence all students who ask questions about financial holdings, with electrical tape if necessary.