Dan Alger finds student violations on Facebook

Steve Martin

Professor Dan Alger, one of the Lawrence faculty and staff members on Facebook, recently came across photos of student violations.
Alger, a bike-riding professor, said, “The students are a lot more rowdy these days. I just don’t know what to make of them.”
One undisclosed student’s photo had 112 violations. Pictured smoking in their room, the student had a lit candle sitting on a microwave, a live Christmas tree, torchŠre-style halogen lamps, posters on the ceiling, a bed canopy, wall tapestry, photos tacked onto walls, a broken desk chair, a regular-sized refrigerator and a satellite dish. These listed violations jumped out right away when Alger first saw the picture on Facebook. The remaining 100 violations were found upon closer examination.
Other photos on Facebook include students with restricted pets. Some of the featured pets were a Yorkshire terrier, a Persian cat, a mastiff, a lemur, a tiger cub, a peacock, a koala bear, and a manta ray in an aquarium tank well over regulation size.
Graduate of the class of ’72, Alger also said that “Students weren’t like this back in my day. We didn’t even have computers. Ah, those were the good old days.”
Students with violations pictured on Facebook are being heavily fined and asked to remove all restricted objects and pets. Violating students must pay not only the typical fee for breaking regulations but also an added fee for posting it on the web for others to see. There are now Lawrence Searchers who browse Facebook for student violations, making sure that Lawrence upholds its reputation.
Let this be a lesson to all you students who are on Facebook: Be careful what you post – and who you friend!