Romance according to Kate

Kate Ostler

Dear Kate,
I’m a senior and I’ll be graduating this spring. Where do grown-ups go to meet people in the real world?
-I’ve Got a Diploma But No DateDear Diploma,
The truth is, it’s probably a whole lot easier for us to meet people than it is for real, working adults, who have to juggle their social lives on top of their careers. Without a campus community, in which social and academic duties often go hand in hand, the task of meeting someone to date may seem daunting.
I think the trick is to keep your work separate from your social life. If you concentrate on doing your best at work, then at the end of the day you’ll feel more relaxed and be more willing to take a break to hang out with friends. It’ll be just as important to you in the future as it is now to have a solid group of friends with whom you can relax and enjoy yourself. Meet your friends at a coffee shop, and check out the other customers. Go to your favorite bar, drink down some social lubricant to start the night off right, and start a conversation with someone you’ve been admiring. If you’ve still got money after paying off your student loans (and hitting the bars), go grocery shopping, and casually start a conversation with another single shopper.
The possibilities are endless – you’ve just got to be creative and assertive, and let people know how great you are.

Dear Kate,
A while ago I hooked up with this guy, and recently I found out that he’s been spreading rumors about me. What should I do?
-He Had a Small Penis Anyway

Dear Small,
Although I usually advocate taking action and doing something aggressive to change or improve a situation, in this case I think the best thing to do is to go on with your usual routine. Sure, the rumors are most likely really outrageous and probably paint you in a bad light. However, all of us on campus have heard rumors, and most of us with any sort of common sense can discern that they’re generally exaggerated stories, and have only been started for vindictive or malicious purposes.
If anyone mentions these rumors to you personally, simply state the facts, and try to keep yourself from speaking negatively about this guy or what happened when you two hooked up. If you maintain your composure, and allow everyone to see that these rumors are obviously untrue, you’ll come out on top.