Staff Editorial

Here are five recent developments on campus that have been improvements and benefits to the community. While they may seem like small things, they are noteworthy and make life at LU just that much better.
1. The introduction of Co-curricular Records to our Voyager accounts. We can thank LUCC for this one. While this may have seemed a bit creepy at first, it’s a good way of keeping track of the numerous activities and jobs that many Lawrentians are involved in, especially when resume-building time comes around.
2. The newsletter that LUCC sent out. Finally the rest of campus has an idea of what LUCC is up to these days. It was also a good advertisement for many upcoming events.
3. The shift from Dining Dollars to the sole use of Viking Gold. This shift makes a lot of sense. It gives students more control over their meal plan and how much they’re spending. The strapped-for-cash college students that we are can worry less about our cash flow now. It was always frustrating to think that our Dining Dollars couldn’t be used to buy anything at the Union Station.
4. The beautiful campus. Okay, this is not really a recent development, but it’s definitely more noticeable now that it’s spring. The thanks go to grounds crew for this one. With all the springtime flowers and trees blooming and the green grass, campus is absolutely beautiful, making it very pleasant to be outside and enjoying the weather. The lilacs also add a nice scent to campus, especially behind Science Hall, which usually has a rather interesting combination of smells wafting up from the river.
5. The increase in vegetarian and vegan options at Downer. Not only has the availability of these options greatly increased but also the food itself has gotten better. Although there are a few vegans out there who express their wishes for a few more options, all concur upon one point: Downer has finally taken notice of the growing vegan and vegetarian demographic at Lawrence.
To all the organizations and facilities involved, we at The Lawrentian would like to express our gratitude for these changes. Carry on with these much-appreciated improvements.