Artist Spotlight:

(Justine Reimnitz)

Justine Reimnitz is a senior art major who has been working furiously over the past couple years in the catacombs
of the Wriston Art Center out of the public eye. Her public debut, a photography
exhibition entitled “Bareness and Being,” is on display now in the Mudd Gallery. Here’s some insight into one of Lawrence’s more refreshing artists.Where are you from and what are you studying at Lawrence?
I am from the best place on earth – South Dakota. I’m studying the best thing on earth – studio art.
When did you decide to pursue art as a career?
So last year I decided – who needs a reputable major anyway, this is a liberal arts education and damn it – I’m going to embrace the liberal arts lifestyle and settle into a life of uncertainty
and potential poverty. So yeah, my senior year I changed my major and suddenly things made a lot more sense. I could actually visualize what my life would be like in five years. Which was a plus. Seriously though, it was a scary decision, but if there’s one thing that all people in the art field face, it’s fear.
What kind of work do you do?
I’m interested in theories, concepts,
transcendence (specifically near-transcendence), culture, people, institutions, perceptions, spirituality, sexuality, erotica, dcoupage, casseroles
and potlucks, the open prairie, growing old and wrinkly. I guess so far I’ve been doing photography, collage and prints. I do a bit of graphic design and layout – I love posters – and small installation-type stuff – I think that’s what you would call it.
Which artists do you consider to be particularly inspirational to you?
Kiki Smith – sculpture and prints dealing with the body; Agnes Martin – she does some awesome minimalist stuff; Frank O’Hara – check out his manifesto on personism – guaranteed laugh – especially the line on what to do if someone is chasing you down the street with a knife.
Could you tell us a little bit about your most recent show?
It’s in the Mudd Gallery right now – third floor. If you are weak of heart you probably don’t want to go see it. All is bared. Bare-naked branches and trees. Yeah, pretty abrasive.
Do you have any future plans – either near or distant – for your art?
Anyone wanna go to Portland? I hear they have great jobs at breweries.

Two photos from Reimnitz’s “Bareness and Being” exhibit on display now in the Mudd Gallery (Justine Reimnitz)