Hippo City

James Eric Prichard

Last week’s column, about the students now known around campus as the Hiett Four, was extremely hard to write. This difficulty was due to the fact that I was not writing about myself. The past week has been a little difficult for me, and so this week I’m going back to what comes easily.I have been working a lot on Trivia lately. If you don’t know what Trivia is, stop reading my column, freshman. I am really worried about Trivia. If you see me after this weekend, tell me that you played and had a lot of fun, even if you didn’t. I will appreciate it and might even name-drop you in my next column. Lord knows you could use the popularity.

I have also been thinking about Trivia a lot lately, and how it is more fun than homework. If you are getting a little tired of homework, you should play some Trivia. You will not regret it at all, except from an academic standpoint.

Has anyone else noticed how self-absorbed Trivia Masters are? They only care about one thing and are completely one-dimensional. They are sort of like connies, but even more pretentious.

Connies sometimes get a bad rap. Sure, they are pretentious and annoying, and don’t belong in our classrooms, but don’t forget all of the good they do. Concerts are usually pretty good and can be nice, free entertainment on a weekend. Connies provide valuable discussion during those two weeks of your academic career when you talk about music in Freshman Studies. They don’t interfere with LUCC because they all have studios during Convo hour, and they segregate themselves in Plantz. The only people more considerate are frat members, who thoughtfully immerse themselves only in their fraternities and the quad.

Greek Week was last week, and the frats sought to increase their ranks by drawing in pledges in the same way that the squid-like monster from that Lord of the Rings movie grabbed that little hobbit before the wizard saved him (I don’t know any of the names because I am not a total nerd). I didn’t get any bids so the frats are all on my bad side except Beta, who said that they might play Trivia. I don’t have anything to say about the sororities because I find it very hard to care about them at all.

Some people have been asking me if they should “go Greek” (and by “some people” I mean nobody and by “have” I mean “has” because I care about grammar). Do what is right for you, and what is right for you is to go Beta because their Trivia team is shaping up to be pretty good. (Beta, you are going to make me look like an idiot if you don’t have a team.)

I heard from someone (I would love to have better information, but I’m not the Corresponding Secretary) that LUCC decided to extend the deadline for executive elections so that there could be more than one candidate per seat. This was a poor decision: all Lawrentians were informed of the deadlines, and only two people decided to make the deadline. They should have been automatically elected. Second chances should not be given out unless the council deems that it inadequately spread word of the elections, which I do not believe was the case. The right people for the jobs should have cared enough about the student government to get their acts together. If the student body is worse off because only one person wanted to run, it is the student body’s fault for not caring about LUCC enough.

If you thought that this column was too egocentric you probably won’t like my next one, which is about how good I am at NFL Blitz.