Lawrentians are a bit insulated. The phrase “The Lawrence Bubble” is almost as prevalent in conversation as the phrase “The Lawrence Difference.” While this might excuse some gross fashion miscalculations, it also fosters some great fashion conglomerations. We all arrive yearly from various places, across the country and world, and bring along various styles. Here are several Lawrentian editors on “Styles Around the Green”:Emily P: No matter what anyone says, I like the look of tights and boots in mid-winter. It’s warm, but allows you to show off legs that are otherwise sadly neglected from October to April. Scarves anyone? Yes, please. The more the merrier. I have recently seen some nice combinations wherein the scarf did not match the outfit, but simultaneously made the outfit. And, they’re totally okay for both sexes. More guys should do scarves. Warmth is one benefit. Not to mention the warm feeling generated by knowing that you’re totally stylish.

Kayla: Something that I often see around campus which really troubles me is leggings worn with only a T-shirt. Leggings are not pants and more coverage is really a necessity. On a better note, let’s talk about headbands, which I see on many cute girls. I am a huge fan of them because even if you just put your hair in a ponytail, adding a headband makes it seem like you made an effort to look nice. Plus they keep hair out of your face in the crazy Appleton wind. Mind you that these are not the skinny elastic headbands worn by athletes 24/7 and by people who are working out. Those do not count. Finally, it would not be a discussion of the Lawrence fashion bubble without mention of ugly boots. In particular, Uggs should be retired, burned, or buried — anything to get them off of your feet. Furry boots that resemble Chewbacca’s feet are similarly unacceptable.

Emily P: Word to the ugly boot comment. There are so many great boots out there: flat and heeled, ones that resemble horsey people boots, ones that have a sort of dominatrix look going on with many straps and buckles, ones that zip, ones that stretch. Other bad boots that could go in the fire along with the many Uggs: sweater boots. You know who you are. Those are not real shoes, only glorified socks.
Christie: One look that I do not think anyone should be allowed to attempt for their own personal safety is wearing short (short!) shorts to the gym. It is not the fact that they are workout attire, although I could do without being greeted by your butt when I walk into the gym, it is the fact that the temperature is practically below zero, the ground is covered in snow and it is only going to be colder when the sun goes down after a workout. It just does not make sense — what is wrong with throwing on a pair of pants for the walk? Layering is a good thing. Adding volume and shape to style is not the only benefit of wearing layers — it also adds color to the dreary winter landscape and draws away from the fact that no one has seen sun in the past two months. But let’s not fool ourselves — it is cold outside. Combine tops with various necklines, button-up or zipping tops or sweaters with pants or leggings, if you can pull it off properly. Layers are cute, fun, and practical in winter weather. Keep it simple by avoiding too many colors or patterns in an ensemble and this is a look that anyone can pull off.

Anne: Listen. I realize that Uggs are kind of a status symbol (as to why, I have no idea), but apparently the Australians laugh at us for wearing them like winter boots. First of all — they aren’t original and despite popular opinion, they do not make an outfit. It is ludicrous to believe that just slop on some sweats and a tee shirt and then think that your Uggs will make you look okay, because it is untrue. That’s not to say that some folks can’t pull off Uggs — I believe there are about two or three students on campus who can do it. Still, chances are good that it’s not you. So — why not wear some fabulous and unique boots? I’ve seen some great ones around — cowboy boots, rain boots with sweet designs on them, or even just plain old-fashioned snow boots. Hot.

Christie: I’m not going to deny the fact that I own a pair of furry boots – however, they were five dollars, and I bought them only because I found them so hilarious. I don’t wear them, mostly because I have the deep desire to take a razor to them. You can still own furry boots and be fashionable — just tone it down.

Emily G: While I could talk about boots all day, I’d like to go off of Christie’s rant about dressing appropriately for the weather. Listen, I love flip-flops as much as the next person — but when it is winter in Wisconsin, please take the time to put some proper shoes on, and perhaps a coat, as well. It seriously pains me to see someone walking around in a skirt and flip-flops when it is 20 degrees — or colder — outside. Frostbite, anyone?

On a side note, I am a really big fan of distinctive jewelry pieces, especially semi-outrageous earrings or big stone rings. Now, there is a fine line between unique and gaudy, but I’ve seen some truly creative ensembles around campus. The most random, elaborate earrings can often jazz up an otherwise blah or simple outfit.

Dorothy: I agree with Emily G. on this. Accessories really do make an outfit. I personally admire how many Lawrentians manage to look so put together by simply throwing on earrings, necklaces, bracelets or scarves before heading out to class.