Athlete of the Week

Tara Carmody

Chris Carlson ’09
Men’s SoccerWhat will be your biggest challenge next year?
Chris: We lost four great seniors. We will need everyone to step it up and we will expect a lot out of our younger players.

What are your expectations for next year?
Chris: We always expect to make the postseason. Anything short of that would be considered a failure. The last couple of years we have fallen off that track, we need to get back on it.

Would you rather have sand in your shorts or water in your ear?
Chris: What kind of question is that? Ugh. I guess water in the ear.

What is your favorite sport memory?
Chris: Watching the Packers win the ’96 Super Bowl, a tape that my dad and I rewatch religiously.

Would you rather be able to hear any conversation or take anything back you said?
Chris: Hear any conversation.