Fashion extra piece by Jen

I agree with many of the boot comments, but please wear a coat that somewhat resembles the style of your boots. Ski boots and pea coat? Might not be the best option; if anyone can make it work though, it’s Lawrentians. Fur, though often useful for protection of the face, doesn’t make as much sense on the boots. I don’t know if I ever thought of protecting my ankles from the wind. Also, sometimes fake fur is as bad as real fur. Beware — if you remind someone of their golden retriever at home, you might want to rethink your choice. I disagree with Christie on the matter of pattern. Wisconsin’s grey skies get to everyone in the winter, and with a season designed specifically for layering, why not get creative? After all, if only your friends are going to see you, why not go crazy instead of wearing that Lawrence sweatshirt you’ve never washed