From the Editor’s Desk

Meghan McCallum

This is the beginning of the end.It’s funny — I still remember writing my first Lawrentian article. It was the fall of 2004, and Reid Stratton had asked me to write about Ellis, a singer/songwriter who was performing in the Underground Coffeehouse. So I went, wrote a short synopsis of her show, and eagerly awaited Friday afternoon — the day I’d see my name in print.

Friday eventually rolled around, and I got my little freshman hands on a copy of The Lawrentian. I opened the pages and there it was. My article on Ellis. which started with a paragraph about Mental Health Awareness Week.

Come to think of it, I was probably too intimidated by the Lawrentian staff to actually complain about them messing up my first article. Now though, after working here for several years. let’s just say that I feel quite at home in Mursell House. Like many other campus organizations, I could make some clichaccent e statements about the Lawrentian staff, such as, “We’re like one big family!”

We really are, though. Seriously. Being a bunch of book-readers and gossip-listeners, we actually enjoy sitting around with each other for hours and just. talking. Over the past few years, there have been nights when I’ve made Wednesday-night plans with someone, despite my Lawrentian meeting. “I’ll just meet up with them after I’m done at the Lawrentian office,” I tell myself. Hours later, sitting around eating pizza and writing columns to fill space in the features section, I realize that it’s pretty fun spending Wednesday night here. (Peter and Prika: sorry if I can’t come to the Nickel tonight.)

So here I am in the office, with 120 more pages of The Education of Henry Adams to read for class tomorrow. It could be an alright Wednesday night, I guess. I just have to keep in mind that there are only a few left.
P.S. We need photo editors and photographers. Email Jen Cox if you’re interested.