A bigger pot for our SOUP ***this was in last week’s paper***-ama

April West

Lawrence’s Student Organization for University Programming (SOUP) is known to host concerts and other events throughout the school year, as well an annual Big Event.Some of the past Big Events have brought performances by Guster (2005), Ben Kweller (2006), and Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers (2007) to the Lawrence campus.

This time of year, Lawrentians often speculate as to what the next Big Event will be. According to SOUP co-chair Hayley Vatch, however, the organization’s plans have changed for this year.

There will be no Big Event this year but rather an even bigger event next year. SOUP’s proposed plan to the LUCC Financial Committee, which is still pending, entails saving this year’s Big Event money.

This money could be used next year in combination with the Big Event money allocated for the 2008-2009 Big Event. This way, SOUP could spend double the regular amount on their Big Event.

If this plan is approved, it might also be in effect for years to come. “Instead of having a medium-sized event, we will now be able to have a true Big Event,” Vatch explained.

When asked about other alternatives, she replied, “LUCC gives SOUP about $13,000 for the small acts throughout the year, like the comedians and lesser-known bands, while acts like last year’s Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers cost at least $20,000, so saving the $13,000 and cutting all the small acts would not actually save that much.”

As for this year’s seniors who are missing out on their last Big Event, Vatch explained that the Class of 2008 will be able to come to next year’s Big Event for the LU student fare.

As a student organization, SOUP is open to every student on campus. All are welcome to attend meetings and help select next year’s Big Event guests, as well as the smaller acts. SOUP meets Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in the Hiett lounge on first floor.